Onuralp Taner

Hello, there. I'm Onuralp Taner a software architect at CicekSepeti.com living in Istanbul.

At CicekSepeti, I'm part of a team which works on migrating complex monolith applications to microservices (developed using Golang and .Net Core). By using golang we had the chance to work and develop with Kubernetes, which lowered our resource use significantly.

Before this, I provided solutions on ElasticSearch, caching and scalability on high traffic websites, which led to massive budget gains from aws, which also led gains eventually from azure.



A simple Glimpse plugin for ElasticSearch. It shows queries and response times.


I love sharing my experiences on software engineering at conferences, meetups, universities and companies.

* Indistru 4.0 @ Istanbul Best Career Day, March 2017

* Finance and Software Days @ YTU KVK, December 2016

* Troubleshoot .Net - Startup to Enterprise @ istanbul coders, December 2016

* Continuous Delivery for .Net Apps @ istanbul coders, December 2015

* ElasticSearch @ YTU Teknopark Tech Talks, December 2014

Contact Me

Follow me on Twitter. I’m also on Github and Linkedin. Feel free to contact.